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Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is part of the larger Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. It was the first National Park in Canada when it was created in 1895 by order of the Canadian Government. The Park sits along the international border with the United States of America and is neighbour to Glacier National Park in Montana. In 1932, both parks joined together to form the Water-Glacier International Peace Park. Both parks are individually administered by their respective federal governments, but allow free passage along the lake, making hiking trails available for use without extensive travel.

Cameron Falls

The park is home to many natural wonders. There are many mountains to climb and hike, such as Bear's Hump directly north of the townsite. There are two notable water features besides the Waterton Lakes- Cameron Falls and Red Rock Canyon both of which are popular with tourists.

The townsite of Waterton is small, but accommodating. There are many places to stay and eat; from simple camping sites, to homes, to hotels. The most famous of which is the Prince of Wales Hotel which sits on top of a bluff that creates a narrow section of the lake. The townsite serves and the focal point for the activities in the area. Items such as eBikes, sporting equipment and watercraft can be purchased or rented in the townsite, allowing for visitors to enjoy their time in the park.

Prince of Wales Hotel

There is a chapel that serves the Waterton Branch in the Cardston West Stake and the Waterton YSA Branch that serves the Young Single Adults who work in the park during the summer months. The Waterton YSA Branch meets on Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm to accommodate the working schedules of the members of the branch.

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